Creativity. Study of I Ching - Sea - in combination with the 7 other trigrams.

  • Time: Tuesday, 15. sept., 29. sept. and 13. Oct,, Kl. 18.30 to 21.00
  • Location:  Snehvitsvei 9, 1388 Borgen. Open house.
  • Come just one of the evenings or everyone.
  • Theme: The area for Sea in baguaet (figure with the 8 trigrams below) is the house for creativity. The picture with the cards below lists the various combinations of  Sea with the other trigrams Heaven, Wind, Water, Mountain, Earth, Fire, Thunder - and with itself. A total of 15 possible combinations. The question then is: How can this system of soft and fixed lines bring clarity and understanding in my own life experiences related to my creativity? Something to explore in other words :)
  • Method:  Read, discuss, draw, share experiences, sense, constellations ...

1. All 64 Hexagrams (combinations). The 15 combinations with Sea are highlighted.
2. Baguaet
3. The 15 cards / hexagrams with Sea


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