What brings the combination of Feng Shui and I Ching?

In a similar way, as the 12 houses in astrology clarifies 12 life areas / aspects of my life, the baguat and I Ching brings focus on 8 areas of life / vibration in existence. In the astrology birth chart  planets are located in various houses and provide these life areas extra pressure in one direction or another. That way, they contribute to creating some of the experiences I've wanted in this life.

Likewise, it may be useful to study the 8 I Ching vibrations/trigrams in the baguat.

For those who are satisfied with all aspects of life, for those who have good balance in all their doings - and who honestly can say that "I feel excelent all the time" - yes, for those this is excess. But for me it is not superfluous. My intention is to be able to say: "I feel excelent all the time" - but it still remains some blind spots before I'm there. My hope is that the study of the I Ching will help.

To produce 8 different vibrations / aspects of life by combining 3 soft and solid lines over each other - is fascinating. The soft line represents the feminin aspect and the solid the male aspect. Equally fascinating is that by placing them in the baguat and then place the baguat over a drawing of my office, my house or rooms in my house - I get a picture for my daily life of how I manages these inner vibrations of mine. I can literally see - how it appears in the part of the house or office representing the "partnership", or the part representing "good fortune" etc .. Is it in this life area I've neglected maintenance or stacked up my mess?

The outer reflects the inner - and what I see gives me reason to think of how I've managed the various aspects of my inner self.
I can furnish all sides of the baguat/house with stimulating symbols and through such external focus create a corresponding change in my inner world.
But it is not only the management of the 8 vibrations in the baguat that is important.

Equally important is the 9. place in the baguat - namely the baguat midpoint. The place for balancing of the 8 vibrations. A sort of ultimate balance point.
How can this balancing process be done in a simple and easily understandable way?
By studying all possible combinations of 8 vibrations with themselves and each other. Simply by placing each trigram above or below the 7 others - that is 6 lines over each other (hexagram).
Six solid and soft lines above each other can be combined in 64 ways.
Ie 64 expression of various forms of balance / imbalance.
Or 64 visualisations of interaction between the masculine and the feminine.

The study of this can be organized in several ways.
I have chosen to focus on one side of the baguat - one at a time. To see how it interacts with the 7 others and then do the same with the 7 others.
Fortunately I do not have to interpret the 64 varieties of 6 lines over each other - all on my own. The I Ching-book provides interpretations shaped and honed over the years. Reading the book / card's interpretation is a good start.
Best for me is still Considering first the patterns in my own life - and then read the text.

PS. The chessboard, ie the board with its 8 X 8 = 64 black and white squares have, as I see it, also something similar fascinating by itself. But it'll be next bowl.

1. The baguat
2. The 64 combinations (hexagram)