The 7-folded nature of man:

7. The Christ Spirit
6. The Bodily Spirit/Oversoul
5. The Human Soul
4. The Animal Soul
3. The Astral Body
2. The Ether Body
1. The Physical Body

To become a vehicle and Spokesman for my own Spirit and Oversoul I have to raise my vibrations.
As long as I consciously don't see what kind of low-frequency patterns that still rules me, my Spirit and Oversoul push me into circumstances and roles, urge me to meet people and situations where these low-vibrational patterns and experiences I've asked for, show themselves and play with me.
From this point of view both people I don't like, circumstances and roles I don't like and language of my body I don't like - are just messages from my Spirit for me to recognize and investigate what kind of low vibrational aspects still ruling me.

From Spirit point of view this may be experiences I need to rebalance.

When this is recognized, revealed, understood and accepted - and the experience is rebalanced and healed, - then my vibrations can raise a bit more. Ready and open for next step of purifying and preparing myself to be the Spokesman of my Spirit and Oversoul.