Pain - to make wisdom and experiences explicate

As we all are part of The Universe, - we are enormous implicate wisdom and love, and by seeing the wisdom in practice we and the whole Universe learn to know ourselves through our explicate experiences.

This is the way the world has been designed so far, - everything is there - implicate, but I can't see it - because it is hidden within. Thoughts and actions make things explicate. Pain of feeling what I'm not, has been the only way to aquire wisdom in this stage and 3D dimention.

When some understand it - it is easier for the rest of us. What's available to one is available to everyone, - expanding the wisdom that is available, - moving up in vibration to a certain level of wisdom - to make the great shift possible.

It makes sence for everything in the Universe to be in evolution, permanent evolution. Infinite - without boundaries. For the wisdom to be manifested and for everyone to see it - it require us to manifest.

So, what kind of wisdom and experiences am I consciously and unconsciously searching to make explicate - by inviting and attracting people, situations and circumstances, joy and pain into my life?